Our prices are fully inclusive with NO additional charges. They all include us taking your blood and posting or emailing you the report with comments from the Laboratory specifying if your test results are normal or abnormal.

Our service is offered with the full backup of The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in central London. TDL offer a full laboratory service and your bloods are couriered to their laboratories and results are usually available within 24 – 48 hours.

Vaccine Prices

Hepatitis A Antibodies = £45.00
Hepatitis B Antibodies (Immunity) = £40.00
Hepatitis C Antibody = £40.00
Varicella (Chicken Pox) Antibody = £45.00
HIV antibodies = £35.00
Full Blood Count – Haemoglobin, White Blood Cells, and Platelets = £40.00
Cholesterol and Lipid Profile = £25.00
Kidney Profile = £35.00
Liver Function profile = £35.00
Diabetic profile = £35.00
Biochemistry & Lipid Profile = £45.00
Thyroid profile = £49.00
Vitamin D = £45.00
Iron Levels = £45.00

Well Men Profile

For Men over 45 years old:
Kidney Function Test, LFT (Liver function test), CK, Bone screen, Uric acid, Cholesterol + Triglyceride + HDL/LDL Cholesterol, Fasting glucose + HbA1c (Diabetes profile), TFT (Thyroid profile), FBC + ESR + Iron + TIBC + Vitamin B12 + folic acid (Anaemia profile), Total and free PSA (prostate specific antigen) [Prostate profile]. = £130.00

Well Women Profile

For women over 50 years old:
Kidney function test, LFT (Liver function test), CK, Bone screen, Uric acid, Cholesterol + Triglyceride + HDL/LDL Cholesterol, Fasting glucose + HbA1c (Diabetes profile), TFT (Thyroid profile), FBC + ESR + Iron + TIBC + Vitamin B12 + folic acid (Anaemia profile). = £130.00
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